The Farm

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Dreamy Bean Farm is inspired by the local tradition of growing the "family bean." Through an exploration of this heritage, a desire to contribute to preserving the genetic diversity of these land race and other seeds, and being given our first bean seed at a local seed swap, Dreamy Bean Farm was born. Dreamy Bean specializes in growing fresh and dry beans, peas, and grains, including dent and flint corn, wheat, and barley, as well as specialty culinary herbs to pair with our legumes.

The varieties we grow are chosen not only because of their history but also because of their taste. We work with the natural processes of our ecosystem to grow sustainably and in accordance with organic standards, though we are not certified at this time. No chemical inputs or unnatural materials of any kind are used. We utilize compost, cover crops, intercrops, natural rock powders, compost & worm casting tea, primarily hand powered tools, and passion to bring you the most delicious produce possible.