the farmer

Lexie wwoof pic.png

After graduating from The University of Chicago with a degree in Visual Art & Art History, Lexie stepped into the world of farming through her pursuit of the fiber arts in Northern California. She discovered her love of nurturing plants, environment, and community while planting an indigo field to provide natural dye to the local fibershed. 

This led to full-time work at Green String Farm in Petaluma, CA, a diversified vegetable farm led by pioneer organic farmer Bob Cannard. Lexie learned most everything she knows about farming from Bob. She is deeply inspired by his methods of growing the best tasting vegetables by working closely with, instead of against, the natural environment & processes that a farm sits amongst.

From there she returned to her roots in North Carolina where she was born and raised with a dream of starting her own farm. She worked for a season on Paper Crane Farm in Marshall, NC where she learned about the particulars of farming in this region from farmer Joe Evans. Lexie delights in continual learning and enjoys the creativity and varied paths that farming inspires.